About Us

Enrolment: 16     Grade Levels: K –9

In 1959 students were taken from Trout Lake to schools in Fort  Smith, Providence and even Inuvik. When Thomas Simpson School and hostel were completed in 1960, students from Trout Lake  went there for schooling. The first school was built in Trout Lake in 1972. A larger school providing education to grade six was built in 1978 and named Charles Tetcho after the first Sub-Chief. In  19 ?? a new school and band office were built  together with a gym. Currently there are plans to renovate the school for the growing population of students from Kindergarten to grade 9. High school students continue to go to Thomas Simpson School in Fort Simpson.

Over the last two decades Trout Lake has developed into a permanent community with a tourist lodge, store and a contracting business. Despite this economic development, there is a strong desire to maintain traditional lifestyles as well as a respect for cultural heritage.

Charles Tetcho School's goals are to foster a climate in which all students are able to learn and acquire essential skills relating both to curricular outcomes and meaningful life skills. Cultural language and training are integrated within our instructional time.